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Marwari’s started arriving in Assam soon after its conquest by British in 1818. Unlike other parts of India where they faced competition from local trading community in Assam due to absence of trading indigenous trading community they monopolized the trade from day one. Before the arrival of Marwari’s trade in Assam was limited to barter of goods between adjacent villages.

As a unique and one of its kind example of early Marwari migration a prominent Marwari from Churu in Shekhawati, Harbildas Aggarwal’s father apparently took an Assamese wide and adopted Assamese lifestyle. He established branches in Tejpur, North Lakhimpur and Dibrugarh. He was one of the first Indians to purchase a Tea Estate in 1868, called “Tamulbari”. He however continued to maintain ties with fellow marwaris and helped many settle down as merchants in the region.

In 1990’s, assam had witnessed an anti-Marwari movement on the part of ULFA which sparked an exodus of Marwaris from the area. Anti-Marwari agitations in Orissa also began in early 1980’s. Many marwari families from Orissa, Assam and Bihar migrated to Raipur in Chhattisgarh. These migrants were aided by Marwari families who had been living there for generations.

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